Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson

“My Gordini GTX Storm Troopers keep me warm and dry when it counts most, long days in the backcountry where performance counts!”

Age: 28

Birthplace: Banff, Alberta Canada

Currently Residing: Whistler, BC Canada

Height: 5,8”

Weight: 150 lb

Nickname: Hoji

Career Highlights: Filming with Matchstick Productions for the past 6 years.

How you got started: My amazing parents started me skiing just before my second birthday, I am so stoked they were so enthusiastic to get me shredn’! Thanks to them I don’t really even remember having to learn how to ski, I have always just been able to.

Advice for Beginners: Ski hard, Ski often, Ski the pow.

How much you practice: Every day all winter long

Signature Move: I would have to say probably a cork 720 tail grab.

Worst Injury: Both collar bones, both thumbs and a finger, not all at the same time though.

Most Epic Day Ever: Ever, that’s hard, lets say of the season, it was our 4th day filming with MSP in Haines, AK. My first run of the day was probably the best line I have been able to ski in the past 2 years, from there the momentum kept building and it was just Abma and myself hitting line for line. At around 1pm the clouds rolled in but we already had 5 lines each, awesome!

Craziest travel story: Another hard one, I would have to say my trip to Las Lenas when I was 19. I was my first real foreign ski trip, I was with a crew of very good friends who were all skilled and seasoned in the arts of shredding, traveling and partying. They showed me what was up and it was the best time ever! The night we arrived was the start of a three day monster storm, it snowed over 12 feet in the village, we had a 20 foot cornice on our roof, cars were completely buried, the village was shut down, it was so sick. Fantastic!

Favorite food: All

Favorite bands: Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zep, Modest Mouse, Pole Folder, Pantha Du Prince

Favorite non-action sport movie: Snatch

Favorite action sport movie: Snowdrifters Rapfilms 1996

Favorite Hangout: The Mountains

Hero: Andrew Sheppard

Hobbies: Shredn’, Biking, Masonry and Partyn’

School: The Mountains