Lynsey Dyer

“My Gordini Storm Troopers are my go to gloves here in the Tetons.  Warmth is the most important component to me and after so many years of frost biting my fingers I have poor circulation.  For that reason I’m thankful to have my Gordini gloves.  They are durable and warm when I need them most. Thanks Gordini.”

Birthplace: Sun Valley, ID

Currently Residing: Jackson, WY

Career Highlights: Cover of Freeskier Magazine, record sized air, filmed with TGR and Warren Miller last 5 years

How you got started: Skiing with my dad

Advice for Beginners: It gets better I promise!

How much you practice: In your mind especially

Signature Move: The white girl dance

Worst Injury: Only to my ego

Most Epic Day Ever: Skiing pow with my friends any day

Craziest travel story: Every travel experience seems to turn into an epic, being in Fiji after a tsunami was crazy

Favorite food: Pesto

Favorite bands: Right now? DJ Thunder

Favorite non-action sport movie: What’s a non-action sports movie?

Favorite action sport movie: Any dance movie

Favorite Hangout: A surf spot in Mex

Hero: Mother Teresa

Hobbies: Graphic design, photography, illustration, any sport