Lynsey Dyer

  • Birthplace: Sun Valley, ID
  • Currently Residing: Jackson, WY
  • Career Highlights: Cover of Freeskier Magazine, record sized air, filmed with TGR and Warren Miller last 5 years
  • How you got started: Skiing with my dad
  • Advice for Beginners: It gets better I promise!
  • How much you practice: In your mind especially
  • Signature Move: The white girl dance
  • Worst Injury: Only to my ego
  • Most Epic Day Ever: Skiing pow with my friends any day
  • Craziest travel story: Every travel experience seems to turn into an epic, being in Fiji after a tsunami was crazy
  • Favorite food: Pesto
  • Favorite bands: Right now? DJ Thunder
  • Favorite non-action sport movie: What’s a non-action sports movie?
  • Favorite action sport movie: Any dance movie
  • Favorite Hangout: A surf spot in Mex
  • Hero: Mother Teresa
  • Hobbies: Graphic design, photography, illustration, any sport
  • Websites:,


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