Introducing a battery-powered glove designed to respond to fluctuations in body temperatures. clim8® heat technology monitors and warms your hands like a thermostat.

Set your gloves to a comfortable setting using a paired smartphone app and automatically the heating system maintains a steady and comfortable balance point. Your smart gloves will power on and off as needed, preserving battery life, and maximizing comfort.

Intuitive Heating System

Gear that responds to your individual body’s needs Gear that knows HOW and WHEN to keep you warm Gear that lets you set it and forget it

Thermoregulating Heated Glove

Auto-regulation in real time according to profile, activity and temperature.

Power Saving Auto On/Off

System automatically turns on and off when in use.

Smart App & Body Sensor Control

Control and personalize your heat and glove settings from your smartphone app

Rechargeable Battery

Light batteries designed to be weather-resistant and energy-efficient for longer, colder adventures

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