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Frequently Asked Questions

Gordini’s warranty policy is the best in the industry. We warranty our gloves to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the usable life of the product. Gordini reserves the right to determine if the gloves meet the criteria. We will either repair or replace the item free of charge, at our discretion.

Gordini will replace any factory defects, but does not cover daily wear and tear. Please reach out to our Customer Service team with any issues and they will be happy to help you find a solution.

Gordini uses a variety of different high-end leather in our gloves.Cowhide is the most versatile, durable leather and holds up well in all conditions.Goatskin offers a lightweight alternative to cowhide without compromising strength or flexibility.Sheepskin is softer, thinner, and more elastic than other leathers, giving it a luxurious feel.Deerskin is strong and supple, and will dry without stiffening if exposed to moisture.Our most durable leather, Bison is used primarily in the palm area for durable reinforcement.New to the Gordini line, our signature CLUTCH™ synthetic leather offers an animal-free alternative that is more durable and breathable than traditional leathers.

The insulation in your Gordini glove depends on its purpose. Some gloves contain more than one kind of insulation, for optimal performance.GooseDown®is Gordini’s® premium goose down insulating concept. GooseDown is designed to never clump or let in the cold. A unique construction captures the down in small chambers, ensuring that the fill is evenly distributed and will not migrate. These gloves and mitts are all insulated with 600-fill-power goose down. GooseDown mitts have wraparound insulation for ultimate warmth, while GooseDown gloves have back-of-hand insulation with Megaloft® synthetic insulation on the palms to optimize your warmth and dexterity.DownTek™is a treated, water-repellent down that allows moisture to wick off the insulation, rather than compressing the down fill. This technology allows the down to retain all insulation properties even in high-moisture conditions.Megaloft®is a synthetic insulation that will not become compacted, providing warmth and ensuring good manual dexterity. It is a favorite for palm insulation, where consistent loftiness is key.Primaloft®is a synthetic, water-resistant microfiber insulation that allows breathability and warmth without bulk.

Many of our gloves are made with waterproof inserts and leathers, so we do not recommend machine washing or dry cleaning our gloves. We suggest cleaning your Gordini product with a damp cloth and mildly soapy solution if needed, and then hang-drying them away from a direct heat source.

DO NOT machine dry your gloves. Dry your gloves by an active air flow in order to keep air circulating. This will allow the interior and exterior to dry thoroughly and without damaging the material.

No. The waterproof inserts inside our gloves provide a permanent barrier to water penetration. Over time, the performance of the water-repellent finish on the shell fabrics may diminish, but any moisture that passes through the shell fabric or seams will be stopped by the insert.

The leathers used on Gordini gloves have a water-repellent treatment added in the tanning process, so additional leather treatment is not necessary. However, products such as Nikwax or Snoseal® can be used to treat natural leathers if an added level of water-resistance or leather conditioning is desired. It is highly recommended to use a very small amount of the leather treatment to evaluate its effective penetration on the glove leather before adding more.

Please note that leather treatments will likely darken the color of lighter color leathers, and care should be taken to not get the leather treatment on other glove shell fabrics.

Gordini only sells gloves in pairs.