Warranty Policy

We stand behind our handiwork!

We guarantee our gloves and gear to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the practical life of the product. We build durable products, with high-quality materials that are rigorously tested to withstand the harshest conditions. Unfortuantely, they aren't indestructible - especially when you have your hands in all sorts of adventures! We encourage you to run, climb, skin, ski and ride as often as you can, but normal wear and tear from hard use is not covered by our warranty. Accidents out in Mother Nature or with your equipment - boot buckles, bindings, ice tools, crampons, ice skates - can all cause rips, tears and punctures not covered by our warranty. We can't guarantee your gear will last forever, sometimes well-loved and well-worn gear is simply ready for replacement.

We also can't guarantee warmth. Temperature and comfort are dependent on many factors, like activity, output, duration and most of all, you. This is why we offer an array of products for different conditions and pursuits, and our Customer Service team is trained to help you find the best gear for your next adventure.

In order to determine if your gloves meet the criteria for our warranty, we ask that you please file a warranty claim through our website. Gordini reserves the right to make a warranty determination based on all the information provided. Be prepared to share product information, photos of the defect, receipt of purchase,* and your personal contact information. Once we have all the required information, we will respond to you within two weeks with a plan to get you back outside! We will do our best to either repair or replace the item free of charge because we want to keep you outside longer and enjoying all that winter has to offer.**

Puncture wound in the finger/palm area. Not covered by warranty

Trim and cuff failure. Covered by warranty.

Blown seam. Covered by warranty

Torn wrist strap. Covered by warranty

*Gordini products must be purchased from an authorized Gordini dealer or Gordini.com and will require proof of purchase. Purchases from eBay or other unauthorized third party retailers will not be eligible for warranty.
** On rare occasions, we will request that you send your damaged product back so it may be inspected by our Quality Control team. Please ensure your damaged goods are clean and dry upon shipment.

Warranty FAQs

Gordini offers a limited warranty on all our products. We guarantee our gear to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the practical life of the product. Gordini reserves the right to assess and determine if the claim meets the criteria. We will either repair or replace the item for free of charge, at our discretion. Please submit a warranty claim here.

We accept all new, unused and undamaged product bought on our website within 30 days of purchase.* If you purchased our product at a local store or online dealer, please return your product to the authorized dealer per their guidelines.

*Gordini products must be purchased on Gordini.com and will require proof of purchase.

At Gordini, we use high-quality materials and rigorously test our products to be durable and suitable for harsh conditions and their intended use. We consider a product to be defective if it does not meet our strict manufacturing or performance standards. A few examples might be a leash that becomes detached from its glove, poor insert retention, a faulty zipper, or a failed seam.

All products have a limited lifetime before regular wear and tear renders it unusable or ineffective. Unfortunately, even the best materials, when well cared for, don’t last forever. However, our products, when worn for their intended use and cared for properly, can and do last for many years.

The expected lifespan is not an exact science and it depends entirely on YOU – how often you wear and how rough you are on your gear. The lifetime of our products for someone who hits the slopes daily will be shorter than an individual who uses our gear to shovel snow occasionally throughout the winter. Use your best judgement in assessing the integrity of your gear and submit a claim with details and photos of the defective product. Our team will assess each claim with the attention and care that your trusted gear deserves.

Damage not covered by our warranty include:

• General wear and tear

• Damage such as rips, tears or holes in the fabric (Not to be confused with a seam defect)

• Stolen, misplaced or partial loss of product

• Destroyed product due to machine washing and drying of our gloves/mittens

You will void your warranty if you do any of the following:

• Modify your Glove/Mitt in any way

• Cut the tags out

• Machine wash your Leather, Down, and/or Waterproof Glove/Mitt

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