Gabby Palko

Name: Gabriella Palko

Nickname: Gabby

Hometown: Backseat of my parents’ Trooper!

Current Location: Valdez, Alaska

Gordini athlete since: 2021

Favorite Gordini product: The Forge Heated Glove

What do you like most about working with Gordini?
Vermont roots baby!

Primary Activities: Skiing, sailing, music, photography, meditation

Other sponsors: Black Crows Skis, LeBent, Db, Lange, ATK

What are three words to describe yourself: Unconventional, multifaceted, bold

Career highlights:
- Getting my first season pass at Mad River Glen in fifth grade
- Receiving my first pair of girl’s skis and clothes after a lifetime of hand-me-dows from my older brother
- Getting Glen Plake, my childhood ski hero, to sign my poster of his mohawk
- Introducing the game “is it whiskey?” to a group of ski legends in Fairy Meadows, BC.
- Getting dropped on top of The Books for my rookie shakedown my first time heliskiing in Alaska.
- Ski touring the most magical place in the world, Prince William Sound, from a friend’s gorgeous sailboat
- Finding someone to actually pay me to do this- Gordini <3

- Top 5 environmentalists under 25
- Distinguished Service Award in Environmental Policy
- Best skier on the mountain, sometimes. Often the only skier on the mountain. There’s a lot of mountains in Alaska!

Organizations/projects you’ve founded:
- Hosted the Valdez Climate March as part of the 2019 Global Climate Strike.

Organizations/projects you’re actively involved in:
- Birdsongs
- the Black Crows music show
- Valdez Climate Group
- KCHU Public Radio
- Valdez Eco-Stewardship Program

Projects you’re most excited about in the next 12 months:
- Sold my sailboat. Landlocked for now!
- Sustainability Advisor at Lore Cycle

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