Rafael Pease

Born July 13, 1994.
Currently living in Boulder, Colorado, where I am pursuing majors in Environmental Studies, Geography, and a minor Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Having learned how to snowboard in June of 2012, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the right people giving me the opportunity to explore more. I have an immense passion for adventure and I find cultural dynamics extremely intriguing. Having decided to become a splitboard mountaineer for the sheer fact of wanting to explore all areas of the mountains, knowing it was impossible from a chairlift. Living in Colorado for 6 months a year and in Chile for 4 months a year has given me the flexibility to travel around the world. I love the adrenaline I experience throughout the entirety of each excursion. From the planning of the trip both geographically and mentally, to ascending, dropping, flying, and falling, I love every moment of it. Especially when I can share such heartfelt experiences with my friends and family.

– Owner and founder of Connections Movement
– AIARE 1 & 2 certified, NOLS Wilderness First Responder


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