Rafael Pease

Gordini athlete since: 2018

Favorite Gordini product:
Elias Gauntlet 3-Finger and the Front Line Series, in stores Fall 2021, developed in partnership with Gordini

What do you like most about working with Gordini?
They are a great group of people who care about their work … and their team!

Nickname(s): Rafa

Hometown: My tent

Current Location: Santiago, Chile and Girdwood, AK

Primary Activities: Snowboard/Splitboard Mountaineering

Other sponsors: SMITH Optics, Spark R&D, Cardiff Snowcraft, Ford Motors, Sierra Nevada

What are three words you use to describe yourself? Passionate, motivated, stubborn

What's Next?

Rafael has always been active in the outdoors but didn’t begin snowboarding until he was 17. Now he spends nearly every month in the mountains. Rafael splits times between Chile and AK. He combines his education in environmental science and his work as an activist with his love for the mountains to make forward-thinking film projects with his company Connections Movement. His newest films and educational projects include SOMOS, Tupungato and Korovadu. He is actively involved in over ten Chilean organizations dedicated to environmental protection and legislative reform. He has collaborated with Climate Reality, Fridays for Future and three dozen NGOs and nonprofits in the social-environmental justice space.

Favorite Products



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