Rafael Pease

Rafael has always been active in the outdoors but didn’t actually begin to snowboard till he was 17. Now 25, he spends nearly every month chasing snow and adventure in both hemispheres. Rafael splits his time between Chile and the United States, where he just completed his degree in Environmental Sciences & Geography at the University of Colorado. He has a passion for finding the most remote and convoluted peaks to go climb and snowboard, leading many expeditions throughout the world in mid winter.

Using his background in the sciences, activism and professional career as a snowboard mountaineer he has decided to begin creating documentaries. With his first film Yūgen being shown in over 40 countries he has decided to continue this path of inspiration and education through film.
This 2020 there will be 2 new films coming, #TupungatoFilm and #CorcovadoFilm

www.rafaelpease.com & www.connectionsmovement.com


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