Replacement Lens for Relode X

Replacement lens for Relode X magnetic lens interchange system lets you optimize your peripheral vision while adjusting to changing light and snow conditions.
  • Dual-density brushed poly-covered face foam
  • Over-the-glasses fit
  • Contact lens-compatible
  • Silicon on strap for secure grip
  • Helmet-compatible
  • Extra lens and lens case included
  • Goggle bag included
  • Large fit available X
Contact Compatible Contact Compatible
Outriggers Helmet Gordini® Outrigger Helmet Compatibility System utilizes hinged outriggers to fit any helmet profile, providing a superior goggle seal, while distributing pressure evenly across the face.
Relode With the reload magnetic lens interchange system, quickly remove lens and replace with a magnetic click.
Stuff Pocket Stuff Pocket

Customer Reviews

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Replacement Lense

Very poor service and support from Gordini on getting replacement lenses for my Reload OTG googles. Finally, after a year or more I ordered what I thought were correct, after being advised they were now available. No such luck, wrong lenses. It took almost 2 weeks just to get a response for a return authorization. And now I'm told they don't offer the replacement lenses for the OTG. Unfortunate, as they are great googles, but I doubt I'll buy from them again.

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